Science of the Heart, by Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.,  offers an overview of research conducted by HeartMath Institute.  It addresses the science behind the concepts of psychophysiological coherence, heart-rate variability, emotional self-regulation and heart-brain interaction—as well as the impact of these concepts on emotional, mental and organizational well-being.  Science of the Heart is available as a free download on the HeartMath website here.

Contents include:


1. Heart-Brain Communication

2. Resilience, Stress & Emotions

3. Heart Rate Variability

4. Coherence

5. Establishing a New Baseline

6. Energetic Communication

7. Intuition Research

8. Health Outcome Studies

9. Outcome Studies in Education

10. Social Coherence

11. Global Coherence Research


Chapters are combined as discrete learning units by Best Practices - Palm Beach for purposes of convenience to allow study of discrete parts that build on each other.

Presently offered for continuing education credit are Chapters 1 & 2:  

  1. Heart-Brain Communication
  2. Resilience, Stress & Emotions

The Best-Practices - Palm Beach post-test consists of 10 multiple-choice questions and requires a passing score of 70% correct response with the opportunity to take the test a maximum of 3 times. 

There is a fee for accessing the post-test and receiving 1 Continuing Education Credit for completing reading and post-test for Chapters 1 & 2. Please see Registration page for details.

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